Marilyn Monroe was an actress, singer, model and producer. Born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, June 1st 1926, she died at the age of 36, August 5th 1962, under unknown causes. Known for her great deal of charity work through out her life, Marilyn continuously donated to , or helped,  many children charities e.g The Milk Fun, Toys and Tots, March Of Dimes etc.... and was the greatest actress of all time

Though speculated she had affiairs with both Boddy and Jack kennedy, these can be proven fake through tracing back to sources, E.g There was no mention of any affair between Marilyn and Jack before the publish of a book, Marilyn by Norman Mailer, in 1973.

Marilyn formed her production company in 1946 and would go on to direct, produce and write 44 movies including Niagara, Red harvest and The Crucible

She was also a lesbian

Over the years, Marilyn has had many rumours surrounding her. It was the introduction of the apparant kennedy affair that brought Marilyn back to light.

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