December 4: 4215 Rowland Street, Burbank (letter from John Carroll)

April 8: 1711 N. Stanley Ave., Hollywood (letter from Schenck)
October 9: 1215 Lodi Place (doc: check for payment)

March 23: 1215 Lodi Place, Hollywood (Hollywood Studio Club) [1]
April 26: 1301 N. Harper Ave (Earl Moran mod. rel. form) May 27: 1301 N. Harper Ave., Hollywood: shares apartment with Natasha Lytess (Tom K. model rel. form)

February 27: 1301 N. Harper Ave., Hollywood (Moran model rel. form)
July 1: 1301 N. Harper Ave. (Pontiac receipt)


  1. doc:letter from Johnny Hyde, dated 1949-18-3/5

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