11: is photographed during dancing lessons by J.R. Eyerman for LIFE magazine


6: reportedly planning a 12-week stage tour in the East and Midwest with Joe Kirkwood Jr. (doc:Wisc. State Journ.)
?: films Love Happy with the Marx Brothers


2: signs 3-year contract with the William Morris Agency


?: poses with seven other starlets for Philippe Halsman at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in an assignment for LIFE magazine (doc:article:threeencounterswithalovegoddess)
25-28: hostess model at the Pacific Antiques show at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles
26: poses for Earl Moran; receives $15, signs model release as Marilyn Monroe, address 1301 N. Harper


27: poses for Tom Kelley's red velvet session; signs the model release with "Mona Monroe", address: 1301 N. Harper, Hollywood


?: departs by train to the East Coast on a tour to promote Love Happy 7: in Chicago: posing for pictures and footage with White Sox at Comiskey Park
12: Sunday evening: arrives in Rockford, IL; meets Rockford's daily newspapers at a buffet supper in the Faust hotel (doc:newsp)
13: public appearance at the season opening of Rockford's Fairgrounds pool, she poses poolside in a swimsuit
12-16: in Rockford, IL, for the pre-premiere of Love Happy at the State theater; she appears in the theatre lobby for three days (tue 14/wed 15/thu 16). She also visits Rockford's Children's Home (Wed 15)
?: swimsuit posing on NY's Jones Beach for Weegee
late: poses for Andre De Diene's in a pink swimsuit on NY's Tobay Beach


9: in Chicago for the Movie Star World Series Baseball Game at Wrigley Field; out on date with Roddy McDowall; appears in the Chicago Herald in a picture holding baseball bats (doc:ticket stub, newsp.)
17: appears in Milwaukee Journal after visiting Milwaukee, WI, for Love Happy publicity; meets the press and has her photo taken by young staff photographer John Ahlhauser


4: poses for Earl Moran (model rel. form)
5: costume test for A Ticket to Tomahawk
?: lands part in A Ticket to Tomahawk





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